Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Investment Perspectives: Serpentine Shelly, Fixed Income Indices, and January Jumpstart

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In this month's issue:

"Serpentine Shelly" Mark Luschini
There is a hilarious scene in the 1979 movie The In-Laws, starring Peter Falk and Alan Arkin, where Peter Falk shouts “Serpentine Shelly, Serpentine!” to Alan Arkin as they are running away from gunfire. Arkin plays a dentist by the name of Shelly Kornpett, and the memorable line is attributed to Peter Falk instructing Arkin to weave to dodge the bullets. What is most funny is Arkin’s awkwardness trying to serpentine.

"What to Know About Fixed Income Indices" Guy LeBas 
Calendar 2018, marked by a tremendous amount of intra-year drama, but limited year-on-year change in most financial markets, is over. The S&P was down just -4% and bonds were close to unchanged. While it’s easy enough to see how various stock market indices performed—any financial website will probably do the trick—the complexity and the opacity of the bond markets makes it a bit more challenging to understand how fixed income investments may have performed.

"As January Goes?" Greg Drahuschak 
January got a jumpstart as the result of the Christmas Eve selloff that created a major oversold condition in the major indices. The S&P ending January 15% above the Christmas Eve low, however, was much more than a technical rally.