Friday, June 7, 2019

Investment Perspectives: Exogenous shock, Inverted Yield Curve, and Staggering Equities

Key Takeaways:
  • Looming threats exist, but that should not sway investors
  • What the yield curve shape does, and does not, tell
  • Trade uncertainties and indications of slower economic growth dampen outlook
In this month's issue:
Could an exogenous shock undermine this expansion? - Mark Luschini
The short answer is “of course.” To be sure, there is always something lurking out there that can short circuit the stasis of economic conditions.

Inverted yield curve deserves attention, not fear - Guy LeBas 
While the level of interest rates is a useful economic indicator, the shape of the yield curve provides a better read into economic futures.

Equities stagger into June, casting shadows of May - Greg Drahuschak 
Trade negotiations with China and new tariffs proposed on Mexico dominated the headlines in May. Sinking bond yields shared the spotlight.

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