Thursday, August 8, 2019

Investment Perspectives: Another Cyclical Slowdown, Negative Yielding Debt, and the Bumpy Bull Market

Key Takeaways
• Find out why slowing economic growth is not necessarily cause for alarm
• The strange phenomenon of negative-yielding debt is on the rise
• Stocks’ bull run continues, but not without volatile daily swings

In this month's issue:

Another Cyclical Slowdown - Mark Luschini
While there are many things to be fixated on, including Federal Reserve policy, trade, Iran, and Brexit to name a few, the overarching question is: how close are we to the next recession? After all, bear markets for stocks rarely occur outside of one.

Negative Yielding Debt Grows - Guy LeBas
An estimated $14 trillion of the roughly $110 trillion of bonds in existence are trading at negative yields. We first began tracking this figure in early 2015, when the amount of sub-zero debt measured only 4% of the global markets; now it is up to 14%.

Bull Market Intact But not Without Bumps - Greg Drahuschak 
On the final day of July, the Federal Reserve gave the market what it expected, but not what it wanted.

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